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Everyone has shitty days.

You can blame so many things for that. Anger, depression, jealousy, obsession, anxiety, lust. And so much more. But what if you had the opportunity to take that one emotion away? A new phenomena is starting. The birth of the “Insonas”.

After a frustrating day, an angel appears in Azer’s dreams, offering to rid her of all her anger. But unexpectedly, all of that rage, frustration, and bottled up anger has transformed into a horrifying creature that has started to rampage around the suburbs. Containing this creature requires a special branding process, which ultimately doesn’t get rid of the ‘problem’. In fact, it just gives it more of a human form and a name. Zurei.

But it turns out Azer isn’t the only one with an Insona. Now Azer and her friends, Kuru and Rachos, need to use their Insonas to tackle a horrible and unseen problem – The Unbranded Insonas that have been failed to be contained…

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